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Mortality & Theft
  • What is it? A livestock mortality policy will cover your animals against all risks of mortality.

  • What is Covered? Covers full value in the event of death or humane destruction as a result of a life threatening injury, illness, disease, and/or disability. Theft is included in this coverage.

  • Requirements: Animal must be free and healthy and free of lameness. A statement of health or veterinary certificate must be submitted to our office.

  • Cost: The premium is based on the value, species and use of the animal. The value is multiplied by the  insurance rate, usually between 5.0% and 12.0%.
    Optional coverage you can add to this policy:  ‐Infertility Endorsement



1. You are leasing a show heifer for your 12 year old daughter to show at the State Fair. The  breeder is requiring that you carry a $6,000 policy on the heifer. While unloading the heifer at  the show, she goes under the trailer and breaks her leg. The animal would be humanely  euthanized by the on call veterinarian. The claim check for $6,000 would come to you in your  name and the Loss Payee’s name.


2. You just purchased a registered angus bull for your ranch in Louisiana for $9,500. After being  turned out for 3 months he gets pneumonia and becomes very ill. The Vet determines the  quality of the bulls life is poor and recommends euthanasia. This policy will pay you the full  value of $9,500.

Specified Perils
  • What is it?  This is a limited coverage policy that covers your livestock in the event of death caused by one of the very specific perils occurring and reported during the policy period.

  • What is covered? This policy covers your livestock in the event of death caused by one of the following:
    - Fire, lightning, explosion or smoke
    - Windstorm, hail or tornado
    - Collision with vehicles, aircraft, or falling objects
    - Riot, civil commotion or vandalism
    - Earthquake or volcanic eruption
    - Flood, drowning, mudslide or tidal waves
    - Accidental shooting
    - Electrocution
    - Collapse of buildings, barns, bridges or culverts
    - Sinkhole collapse
    - Leakage of gas or anhydrous ammonia
    - Contaminated Feed or Water

  • Requirements: The covered livestock must be at scheduled locations.


1. You start a policy on a herd of bred heifers in South Dakota with an endorsement for automatic additions. With this endorsement the calves will be automatically added to the policy. A winter storm blows in and 25% of your herd is smothered by snow. Contact your Plains Horizon agent as soon as you get a head count. Your losses will be covered at 100% less your deductible. Deductibles vary.

  • Cost: Depends on your location and additional endorsements.

Bull Infertility
  • What is it?  This policy is specifically for Bulls used for or potential use of breeding.

  • What is covered? The owner of the bull would be paid the full value of the bull, less salvage if he becomes impotent, infertile or incapable of servicing cows due to any accident, sickness, or disease contracted during the policy period.

  • Requirements: A satisfactory vet exam stating the bulls genitalia have been palpated normal. This endorsement is only available in conjunction with a livestock full mortality policy.



1. You have your Brahman bull insured on a Full Mortality Policy with the Infertility Endorsement for the purchase price of $12,000. You have turned him out with the rest of your herd and within 1 week he has a broken penis due to fighting. You call your Plains Horizon agent to report the accident. Upon review the bull is sent to the local sale barn. You would be paid the full value of the bull from the carrier, less the salvage.


2. You turned out your senior herd sire on your top cows during a very wet spring. The heavy bull stifles himself during breeding season and is no longer able to service cows. Upon review of a veterinarian he is deemed unusable as a breeding bull. You would be paid the full value of the bull from the carrier, less the salvage.

  • Cost: Depends on your location and additional endorsements.

  • What is it? This policy provides broad form coverage for losses to animals in transit that are your property or the property of others. Losses included are death, humane destruction, crippling, bruising, injury and/or escape of animals.

  • What is covered? The policy covers your livestock in the event of death or injury while being transported. Coverage extensions include:
    - Salvage and Recovery Expenses
    - Debris Removal Expenses
    - Freight Charges
    - Theft of the Entire Load
    - Vehicle Breakdown
    - Loss of Value Due to a Loss Occurrence
    - Loading and Unloading Coverage
    - Substitution of Vehicles for Inoperable Vehicles

  • Requirements: The covered livestock must be transported in scheduled vehicles.

  • Examples: You just bought a load of cattle in South Texas and are shipping them to the panhandle to be turned out on wheat. The semi truck breaks down and cannot get a replacement truck on location to swap out until the next morning. Your cattle collapse and die due to heat exhaustion. With the Vehicle Breakdown Endorsement, you will be covered at 100% of the value of your load.

  • Cost: Depends on the miles driven and vehicles scheduled on the policy.

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